What they say...

“Jaw dropping magic of Harry Houdini
-Robert Butler, The Kansas City Star

“Skilled magicianship and winning personality.
-Peter Vaughn, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“....gets more scenic mileage out of two colored scarves than schmaltzy performers like David Copperfield can squeeze out of a stage full of million dollar props..... will put a sparkle in you bamboozled eye.”
-David Schmike, Twin City Reader

“...an impressive tour de force... marvels too amazing to want explaining.
-Lawrence Bomer, Chicago Tribune

“faster and funnier and sharper than most magicians.
-Ruth Gordon

“...mesmerizing effects...laughter, awe, and respect grows out of his performance.
-Patric Joshi, Minnesota Daily

“A high energy comedy magician... performs magic that leaves ‘em rolling in the aisles.
-Arthur S. Brisbane, Kansas City Times

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I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Michael Kaufman. I first met Michael at a public storytelling event in Austin last year. When I learned he was a magician, I asked if he would be interested in collaborating with students at my school who were needing to learn a magic trick for their spring production of "Oliver."

Michael came to our school on several different occasions and worked with students in grades 1-10. He is GREAT with children of all ages. He cracks jokes, has a very positive attitude and tons of enthusiasm. He was an excellent teacher and our kids loved him. They asked me if he could be part of their production! Michael ended up doing a ten minute magic show as a pre-show before our spring production. He would be backstage with the kids before he went on stage and was really great at getting them fired up about their play. I witnessed many high-fives, tricks and laughs between our students and Michael.

We later hired Michael to do a magic show for our entire student body on the last day of school. The energy that kids have on a final day of school is palpable. Michael was able to take that energy and keep kids of varying ages engaged and enthusiastic. They were incredibly focused and attentive during his presentation. His magic works for kids of various ages and personalities. Some of his jokes are more sophisticated and appeal to older students. That being said, our younger students never felt like something went over their heads. He also tailors his humor toward the youngest and the adults in the room.

Michael is an incredible magician. Logistically, he shows up early and requires very little set up or assistance. He's a one man show. I felt his rates were very comparable to other magicians. If anything, he should charge more, he's worth it. He responds to phone calls quickly and is very easy to work with. I would be happy to discuss my experience with Michael further should you need additional information.

Emily Vitris
Assistant Head of Middle School